Consumer Unit Fuse box Repairs

Consumer Unit Fuse box Repairs Rochdale

Consumer Unit repairs are a speciality for us here at Rochdale Electrical Services so give us a call on:  01706  416365 now!

If you have an old type fuse box you will will probably have old wiring too and may need our Fuse box Repairs Rochdale service.
Essentially there is nothing ‘unsafe’ with old installations – they will comply to the regulations around at their time of installation…

fuse box repairs rochdale1250x780 Unfortunately, older wiring will have been used and this will wear out over a long period of time just like anything else, – the breakdown of insulation being the major problem.
New fuse boxes (Consumer Units) have switches that are very sensitive and in the event of a breakdown, these switches will not accept the wiring, meaning it cannot be done or causing nuisance tripping.
Another problem with old wiring is that electrical screws can become lose, causing wires to become loose, causing unsafe situations.
But, if the wiring is OK, and you have earthing to water stopcock and gas, you will only make it safer by upgrading the fusebox.

Your problem may simply be nothing more complicated than a tripped switch and the video below will show you how to sort out:

Adding additional rooms to a property can but dangerous strain on an old fuse box, resulting in serious danger and potential fire hazards.
So, if you are considering increasing the size of your property, it is crucial that you get your current fuse box inspected, to make sure it can handle the extra load safely and adequately.
We will gladly come and carry out a fuse box inspection and appraisal – just give us a call – your local Fuse box repairs Rochdale